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Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing The Paintball Gun

Paintball Gun

You've played paintball several times using rental or borrowed equipment and you've had such fun that you've decided it's time to purchase your first gun. You're now required to select the model you'd like. Before purchasing anything, be sure to read reviews of guns and visit gun makers' websites to learn about the specifications of guns. Before you start looking, ask yourself some basic questions that will help guide your choice.

How Much Are You Going to Play?

A complete, super-basic setup for paintball could cost anywhere from $70 to $120. Many stores rent complete sets of equipment (gun and tank mask tank, hoist, and mask) for $10-20 per day. It is possible to use the gun a couple of times in the course of a year. The cost of renting equipment could be up to six years. Then, your equipment is likely to be old. If you plan on using your gun three or four times a year, it is probably beneficial to purchase low-end guns. When you need an useful content about paintball guns, look at this web-site.

What amount do you want to invest?

If you're going to be playing paintball two times every month, you shouldn't purchase an inexpensive gun that is not easily upgradeable or efficient, in the beginning. For instance, the Brass Eagle Striker is a relatively inexpensive gun that functions well, but it's not nor ever will be a high-speed, accurate, or consistent gun. I had the same model for a few years that I would lend out to friends, and it worked fine but it's not ideal for someone who is a regular player and would like to get better. The Striker, on other hand , would be a fantastic choice for someone who plays just three times in the summer.

Are you looking for a low-end or medium-range gun?

If you're sure you'll be playing a lot of paintball, you'll have to decide if you want to begin with a lower-end gun or a middle-range gun. The majority of guns cost between $60 and $150, which will be affordable for most players. These guns are upgradeable and will be able to be used in all paintball activities for many years. They also operate on CO2. But, if you want to buy a gun which can compete (in terms of speed and stability) in a speedball game or is made to withstand the rigors and abuse of a game that lasts 24 hours, you will need to upgrade towards the $200-$300 price range.

What will happen if the gun you have purchased breaks?

Paintball guns can break. Before purchasing a gun it is advisable to determine the price to repair. A $30 gun might cost you $18 to replace the air hose. Instead of being forced to purchase costly parts from only the manufacturer, it is possible to purchase parts from multiple manufacturers (e.g. Spyders or Spyder clones). In addition, some guns are designed to ensure that even the most basic maintenance should be handled by a pro (or very advanced gun hobbyist). Before you choose your gun look over the specifications provided by the manufacturer to determine how difficult it is to fix your firearm and whether you can do it yourself.

Do You Want an Electronic or Mechanical Marker?

Mechanical markers do not require electricity , while electronic markers work on circuit boards and batteries. While they're more durable and quieter than electronic markers, mechanical markers are generally more slow and quieter. Electronic markers are electro-mechanical or electro-pneumatic. An electro-mechanical marker is a mechanical marker equipped with an electronic trigger frame. The trigger frame fires the marker either in full auto or three-round burst modes. The solenoid valve is activated by an electro-pneumatic marker which permits air to flow through the chamber and fire the ball. They are more durable and quieter than mechanical markers. However, they are more expensive and difficult to fix.

Which paintball type do you wish to play?

A gun that has the ability to attach a stock to a rifle is best if you plan to play games of scenario or woodsball. Size doesn't matter as much as long as it's well-made and durable. Woodsball players should avoid bright shades. The smaller size is ideal for speedball. A compact gun is best. It is able to be put underneath your body, fires fast, and is compact enough to be able to be tucked away within your body. If you play speedball, you'll also find a bright and shiny gun. You can play speedball as well as woodsball using a smaller gun.

What other equipment will you Need?

Before you spend all of the money you have on that desired gun, ensure that you have everything else. If you don't have a gravity-fed feeder, a super-fast electro-pneumatic gun isn't going to do much good. Check if the gun you have require you to purchase an air compressor and if the gun requires an upgrade of the simplest kind (such as a new regulator) before it will perform effectively. Ask yourself if you will enjoy a full day of paintball with a well-equipped gun and an ill-fitting $10 mask. When you factor in the cost of other equipment prior to when you buy your gun you'll have an idea of what type of equipment you can manage to afford.

Do You Have a Lust to Purchase Used Equipment?

You can save a considerable amount of money if are looking to purchase used gear. You must consider whether you are prepared to purchase equipment that is required to be adjusted or has worn out, or may not be the model you wanted. If you're willing to take this route, look into auction websites like eBay as well as local classifieds and the local paintball stores to determine if you are able to find something of value at a bargain cost.

Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing The Paintball Gun

You've played paintball several times using rental or borrowed equipment and you've had such fun that you've decided it's t...